Your Own Utopia Means Finding What Works For You

Hi! I want to share a few thoughts about what y.o.u. (your own utopia) means and does not mean.

Does Not Mean: There is perfection. There isn’t. We know that. God knows that.
Does Mean: You can be your best most of the time if you want it.

Does Not Mean: It is not possible.
Does Mean: Anything is possible.

Does Not Mean: You are not loved if you do not find it.
Does Mean: Find what works for you.

Does Not Mean: You are selfish.
Does Mean: You are giving to yourself, by taking care of yourself, so that you can give to others.

Does Not Mean: It is the same for everyone.
Does Mean: It is something special just for you.

There was a day when I thought I WAS NOT a runner. My knees hurt as approached 3 miles and I almost gave up. I decided to slow down my thoughts a bit and considered that since I had never really ran all that much before, I could need time to adjust. I took it slowly and before I knew it,  I was running my first full marathon and qualified for Boston. I really had no idea what I was doing, but it happened and that sparked everything else. I never dreamt of doing a full Ironman race much less a triathlon of any distance. But it happened and I love it! It is part of my lifestyle along with the way I eat and think.

This is the other important part: I don’t think running and triathlons are for everyone (I DO think anyone that WANTS to do it CAN do it!). That is why y.o.u. is YOUR discovery. I can help you discover it, but it is YOURS to discover.

Something to keep in mind: You cannot discover it if you are not consistent with your efforts. Many think that athletes are obsessive and I suppose lots are; but part of what they love is the lifestyle it has to offer. Likely, they can recall a time in their life when they were not so active. They did not like how that felt and they remember that it took a good bit of effort to get away from it. Back to consistency. You need to start finding your own utopia somewhere and with consistency. Eating healthy one day a week and considering a leisurely stroll a workout may not be the right lifestyle for you since it may not enhance your life all that much. Sure, something is better than nothing, but let’s make something frequent!

Here are some ideas on how to do that:

1. Make a plan: With each task, set 2 levels. Level 1 is something you know you can accomplish. Level 2 is something that with a little more effort, you can hit. You are pretty sure you can do it, but you will have to work hard to do it. The great part is that you will feel great about hitting Level 1! Woohoo! If you hit a higher level, great!

2. Get a coach: If you are struggling to make a plan, find a wellness coach to help you. Most of us get coaches for everything else, why wouldn’t you put your wellness at the top.

3. Think of it as a lifestyle: This is where it’s at. If you CHOOSE your lifestyle, it isn’t a chore, but rather a desire. Over time, it becomes easier and you will find new goals. You will look back on this and like those crazy athletes, you will make sure you don’t go back to the couch because you don’t want that lifestyle.

3. Share your accomplishments and encourage others: It is contagious! It puts a smile on your face and it helps you manage LIFE. Life is tough. You need to feel good to handle it well and to be able to give to your family and friends (and yourself). Life is also wonderful and a privilege.

4. Make God a consistent part of every day: (edited from original post)
I chose a church that I felt was right for me and got involved. Really involved. I have this amazing family that is always there for me. I began to study God’s Word and make it a part of my every day. The beauty and love that He provides will astound you.

I hope these ideas can give you the inspiration of how to think about wellness and life. Some of us are vegan and Ironman triathletes; some eat meat daily and do yoga (purposefully juxtaposed!) Some just need to find their thing and start doing it. It is different for everyone and while there are smarter options out there, it is your job to find those options (or someone that can inspire you to find them) that will help you have a lifestyle that feels good!