You Really Don’t Know Everything

As much as we like to think that we know what others are thinking, we usually don’t. We may have a gut feeling which is often on point or at least in the right direction, but we simply cannot know exactly what others are thinking. I bring this up because I have been in recent circumstances when I thought I knew what someone was thinking or they thought they knew what I was thinking. The reality is that it doesn’t matter. We waste a ton of time creating stories in our heads about things that haven’t even occurred because of this behavior.

I think this is when the “be in the moment” moment comes in handy. But, because many have been conditioned to try to figure it all out, time is wasted and stress and anxiety bubble up– what a yucky feeling. This affects your mood. This way of thinking can take a perfectly wonderful mood and cause it to crash down and explode into pointless negativity.

What to do about it? Just do your thing. Take care of your responsibilities and try to be in the moment that surrounds you while being thoughtful of others. You will likely be better at whatever you are doing and much happier if you are not wasting time worrying about what others are thinking or doing. As a reminder, here is one of my favorite quotes from my book 8 Ways of Being, “not trying is not any option.”

Have an awesome day!

Much love,