You Can BE What You Dream To BE

Do You Need To Give Something Up To Gain Something More?
I had an amazing experience this morning. I shared thoughts that I have had for some time, accepting what I know to be true. I have some pretty big dreams (many of which I have already reached), but I know that to achieve them I have to make a shift. I have to make a shift in my thinking and doing.

About the experience this morning: I was having a conversation with a good friend about fear. In my book, 8 Ways of Being, I share how fear isn’t real, but rather it is in the head. We allow fear to take over and convince us of things that do not have to be. It wastes alot of precious time. However, sometimes it is that time that you need to find the guts and motivation to move forward. Most of us probably take more time because it requires change in our behavior and mindset and change is uncomfortable. But change is necessary to progress. Progression is learning from what you’ve experienced, then building on what you’ve already built. Or maybe your are in a place of building something new– regardless you are using what you have learned and experienced to do it.

What is the shift? The shift is accepting that you may have to give up something in order to get something. Or maybe it is just “re-engineering” something instead of giving it up. For example, if you are putting alot of time into something because you love it, but that thing is getting in the way of your dreams, you need to re-engineer how to continue doing what you love, but how to open up space mentally and physically (time-wise) in order to progress. You simply cannot do it all. You can do ALOT, but you cannot do it all successfully.

How do you make the shift? Take some time to really think about how you are spending your time. Of that time, what gives you joy, what pays the bills, what is a part of a dream? Then, think about the dream(s). Write it down. Then write down what you need to do in order to achieve it. Do you need to make more money? Do you need to perform specific tasks? Both?

After that, note how much time you need to those things. You can break it down into small amounts of time every day or if it is a big thing like buy a house, you may need to think in terms of salary requirements to get there. If it is task specific, maybe think about how much time it might take if you hired someone to do these things. Treat it like a real job description.

From there, you can decide when you want to achieve these dreams. This can help you set realistic expectations. 

Ok, now that you have given thought to this, think about time and be honest with yourself. For example, something I would think about (for me) is how much time am I spending going to races? I love racing and I race alot, but do I need to do ALL of them? Can I maintain my fitness by doing fewer races? Will I lose my friends and my interest in fitness and wellness by doing a couple less races per year– not at all. Now, I have found time that I can apply to building a dream.

Often times, answers are right in front of us, but we allow fear to prevent us from making changes. And the next thing you know, three years have passed by! Change is how we grow. Positive thinking and doing is how we reach our dreams. Big or small, dreams motivate us to live and love fully.

Keep BEING y.o.u!