What About A New Year’s Resolution Called Love

Nothing ever became better through hate, ever.

Choose to love–that doesn’t mean you have to like everything that happens, or every behavior that you see, but if you fill your heart with love, your stress will diminish and your glow will appear.

All too often, we seek the ever so popular New year’s Resolution of  dropping 20 pounds through fitness and healthy eating. Both require work and consistency to be effective and the results will come rather quickly if you stick to it. In fact, you may want to consider living this way as a lifestyle- then it is not a chore. But I have seen a ton of people do the fitness and healthy eating thing well, yet they still are not happy. What’s up with that?

Happy is not how you look, though it can provide confidence and good health. Happy is not being the most buff guy at the gym or the skinniest girl in pilates. Happy is not having the most money either. Happy comes from within and it is called love.

Love is defined in alot of ways from loving family and friends to a romantic partner, but love is also defined as appreciation for all things. It is a mindset and it takes practice to live it and receive it (unless you were raised to think this way). Love carries the biggest impact for absolutely everything that you do. If you genuinely feel love in your heart– I am not talking about being in love, I am talking about true love for all things. True love for others– even those you do not like so much; true love for mankind; true love and full on appreciation for those around you and the amazing gifts you receive each and every day– THAT is the kind of love I am talking about and until you reach that place in your life, you will struggle to find happiness. And with happiness, you will feel peacefulness.

So for one of your New Year’s Resolutions, and I recommend it be the one at the top, CHOOSE to LOVE. When you hit a moment of frustration, stop yourself and find the good. If you get angry at the traffic because there is accident, find love and appreciation that you are safe and pray for those in the accident. If you find frustration at your spouse because the house isn’t as clean as you want it to be, maybe consider helping– he or she may have had a tough day or unforeseen circumstances that through off their day. If your co-worker is driving you nuts because he seems to have trouble focusing on work, try to find a way to help. If you leave work annoyed with your job one day, consider being grateful that you have a job. You have to live a life of love to be happy.

Give love. Get love. 

A love-filled body and mind will set you apart from anything and anyone. Nothing can break through when you choose love. It is then– that moment of choice, that will change your heart (and life) forever.