Today Is A New Day! (and new year)


Not sure about you, but I am one to start things on a Monday. SO– if this is your chosen day, do not delay!

Someone recently asked about how to get motivated and stick to it. There are a few things you can do and you will not know what works until you try, but before I delve into that, the number one thing YOU MUST DO is tell yourself YES, THIS IS FOR ME AND I WILL NOT LET ANYTHING GET IN THE WAY. There has never been a healthy meal or workout that I regretted- ever. Remind yourself of that and get going!

Here goes:

1. Take 5 minutes the night before and plan out your fitness and eating regime for the next day or take a little longer and plan the week. Include what time of day and exactly what you are going to do for your fitness and your meals/snacks.

2. Consider (it really works) doing your biggest part, if not all, of your fitness first thing in the morning. This way, LIFE does not allow you to make excuses. You will not use exhaustion or had to stay at work late or had to pick up the kids as an excuse, and here is the good part; you will gain energy from it both mentally and physically.

3. Try working with a coach or trainer. Even those of us that coach use coaches. Why? Because it holds us accountable. If paying a little bit keeps me focused and healthy, it is so worth it.

4. Commit to 5 days a week of, at least, 20 minutes per day of fitness. If you choose to walk, you have to walk with vigor. A stroll doesn’t count. An easy jog, a cycle class or a strength training session at the gym…mix it up.

5. Consider working with a nutritionist or wellness lifestyle specialist. Check them out, interview them and get references to see if you think they will be a good fit for you. For example, I believe in clean eating (eating pure food without chemicals, etc) as a lifestyle, not a diet. I help them gradually get there or go cold turkey, depending on what suits them best. Do your research and find out what inspiration you think will get you there. Contact them!

6. Try signing up for a class or a race of some sort.

Stop waiting. Before you know it, this lifestyle will be something you crave!