Their Life Always Seems To Be In A Perfect Season

Hi guys!

On my way back home from downtown San Diego to my lovely beach town of Encinitas (North County San Diego), I listened to a Marie Forleo podcast interview of Kris Carr. Kris Carr and Marie Forleo are two of my favorite influencers. The reason is simple– they are willing to be vulnerable. They are willing to tell you that they, too, have days when things feel heavy or crazy or confusing.

Often times, people think that the outspoken humans in this world have no problems; they’ve got it all together and they accomplish everything they set out to accomplish- they must have life figured out. Well, yes and no. Check out the interview. Both Marie and Kris share that they have to reset ALL THE TIME. But where things may be different is that through their work, they understand how to do that and when to do that. They know what to do when they get into a funk.

I hit these moments too and sometimes they turn into days and even weeks. I find myself trying to figure things out (as I always do). I am constantly trying to solve problems and come up with new ideas. My brain constantly attempts to think of ways to be more efficient and will go through every possible scenario until I have found the best option. In fact, sometimes, it is hard for me to stop thinking about it, even when I have already found the best solution– my brain just keeps thinking that there must be a better way. I don’t give up easily- perhaps that is why I do an ok job at the crazy endurance ultra races and triathlons.

The point is this: it is ok to get into a funk, but as I note in my book, it isn’t ok to stay there. EVERYONE gets into a funk at some point and for all kinds of reasons. But, it is your job to work your way out of it in whatever way you can. Maybe you need to call a friend, talk to a family member, get your workout on (this is one of my frequent go to actions), take a walk or meditate. One of the best things I do for myself is to my own words that I wrote in 8 Ways of Being, How to Motivate Yourself to Live Happy and Free Every Day. I also lean on my inspirational leaders. Being vulnerable and real about who you are and about life makes you relatable. Don’t be afraid. Your story just might help someone else get out of a funk.

Much love,