“The Goal of Your Life Should Be To Outlive Your Own Life” Clayton King

IMG_0002What we do matters. While it may seem easier to just move along without commitment, and I suppose it is easier, is it what you really want? I doubt it or else there would not always be this looming question of “what is my purpose?” and a ton of self help books on the subject.


Many understand their purpose early in life and they go for it! But even those folks strive for more. Then there are many that seem to struggle, not sure what to focus on and always feel discontent because that purpose has not revealed itself clearly enough; or it feels like there are so many “purposes” that is difficult to figure out which is the right one.


I watched this sermon today by Clayton King, a guest of Newspring Church in Anderson, South Carolina. If you don’t know Clayton (or Perry Noble and Newspring), you are missing out on something. These guys work so hard to share their stories with a goal of helping us all! They put themselves on stage and allow their vulnerability to play a role in order to make a difference.


In this sermon, Clayton shares amazing stories of IMG_0003commitment to show us that we cannot let fear take the place of that commitment. We cannot let others make us think we are not worthy or capable. And that our love and commitment to help others can outlive our own lives. He explains that “what we do today affects everyone and everything tomorrow.”


This sermon is super inspiring. I want to encourage you to watch it (and share it with someone via social media). Watch it with your kids or put your earbuds in and watch it while on the treadmill. Don’t give up or let anyone think you should. Stay focused, look to God for answers and you will get those answers. Don’t try to do it alone and you will become even stronger.


With love,