Sugar Sugar

Below is one of the articles posted in my latest enewsletter. May give you a little insight about all the sugar talk. I just ran across this article in the NY Times this morning which has a great explanation as well. 


Sugar is everywhere. We have been eating it forever. I can recall the Lucky Charms and the Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I loved those cereals and many more. So why is everyone telling us to stop eating sugar when it seems impossible to find foods without it?
Here are a few things to know:

1. Sugar gets our gut all out of whack, inside and out.

2. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine and way too easy to access! It is hidden in everything. Even bread and pasta. Why does peanut butter or almond butter (my preference) have sugar in it? 90% of what is on the shelf has sugar and other things in it. Find the jars that do not, or better yet, grind it yourself with your Vitamix or at the health food store.

3. Too much sugar can get the digestive track upset and may cause little tears in the lining of the gut which allows toxins (sugar among one) to go wondering about our bodies. This triggers protection from the cells; therein, lies the confusion: the protectors (antibodies) get confused and can end up attacking the wrong thing in our bodies. You end up with inflammation and an unhealthy gut.

4. If you keep feeding your body sugar, you will never use fat to burn calories. Your body will go for the lowest hanging fruit: the sugar that you keep feeding it. This could explain why you do not lose weight if that is a struggle- or why you cannot get rid of those last 5 pounds you seem to be fighting.

5. None of this is easy at first, but you are looking for what FEELS GOOD long term- right? You will not know why that is unless you go without it. I recommend at least 3 days. You will notice a difference that fast. Then, you can make more conscious decisions based on how you feel.

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