Sometimes You Just Need a Good Dose of Unconditional Love

Recent circumstances gave way to some tough days and even weeks. I could go through the list of things, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is how I handled it. I felt so challenged, at times, that I was unsure of my next step.

When those moments creep into my life, I have to dig, and so do you. I share this because the part of that no one tells you as they are building their awesome career or fabulous, Facebook selfie-filled lifestyle (yes, I take some selfies too) is that we ALL HAVE TO DIG SOMETIMES.

So how do you DIG when you need to? There are many ways and I definitely went back to my book, 8 Ways of Being, to remind myself of how I had to dig a few years ago when it seemed almost impossible to find any amount of inspiration to power me up.

I made one key decision that changed everything. I went to unconditional love. I did not go to complain or cry. I went to have a doggone good time with my family. I went to just BE! It was so beautiful and authentic. It was truth. It was pure. It was family-warmth, goodness all wrapped into a big dose of unconditional love. I allowed the world to stop so that I could immerse myself into that blanket of love.

For you, it could be a friend (a good friend, my aunt and dad (not pictured) helped by listening during this time too) or a mentor; maybe it is a neighbor, a sister or brother. The point is that you have to seek support. We are not meant to do life alone, and I’m not talking about being single. We are here to engage with one another, be in the moment and build each other up.

With much unconditional love,