Raw Vegan Valentine Treats: A Few Ingredients Go A Long Way!

Making your own sweet treats is not that difficult and the good part is that you can control what goes into those hearts of deliciousness. Why is that important? Because your body needs goodness to be optimal! Sooooo, if you want to have the sweet stuff, avoid the junk that is in most everything out there and grab a few ingredients to make your own.

These recipes are from sweetlyraw.com. A big thanks for the inspiration! Click to see the recipe for these Valentine Chocolate Balls and more!

Speaking of ingredients, that is what is so great about these ideas. A FEW ingredients go a long way verses the tons of ingredients, most of which you probably cannot pronounce, that simply make you feel horrible- both physically, because it is in your body and your body has no idea how to digest it, and mentally, because you just know you shouldn’t eat it in the the first place. The mindset is, if you can have better, why wouldn’t you? The taste is even better– way better. Real is better tasting than fake, for sure. Give it a try!