Oil Pulling: What Is This?


Just like food, other products have lots of added chemicals, and whether rubbed onto your skin or swished around in your mouth, it gets into your system causing inflammation.

I want to introduce you to Wellness Mama. She is awesome and has worked hard to share her amazing ideas through personal experiences and the desire to make sure she and her family are living as chemical free as possible to better improve their health. If you have not checked her out, you should take a few minutes to peruse her website.

Here, she has posted everything you need to know about oil pulling and keeping your mouth healthy.

She writes: “If you aren’t familiar with oil pulling, it is simply swishing oil (usually sesame or coconut oil) in the mouth for a period of time (5-20 minutes) and then spitting it out in the trash. It is said to help reduce plaque and coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and even said to kill the specific bacteria that causes cavities.”

I love the idea of adding essential oils to the mix to get even more out of the process. Peppermint and cinnamon or great options. Grab some coconut oil and get to swishing!

Just remember: spit it out!