Mango Watermelon Salsa with Fennel and Cucumber

Mango Watermelon Salsa – The title says it all.

What To Do With It

Idea 1: This is wonderful on top of any fresh fish such as wild caught salmon.

What is Good About It?

  • Fennel is awesome for digestion.
  • Cucumber and watermelon are very hydrating—good for the skin.
  • Mango contains a ton of vitamin C, A, B6, fiber, copper and folate. Here is the official mango website for more details about mango.
  • Cilantro has beta carotene and vitamin A. More here


  • One fresh mango cut into small pieces- get a ripe mango! Too ripe is mushy but way better thannot ripe enough.

Ripe = flavor! Here is some great info about how to choose a mango.

And want to know how to cut it? Check this video out.

  • One cup fresh watermelon diced
  • ½ cup sliced fennel bulb
  • Diced cucumber
  • Fresh mint or cilantro

Idea 2: This is wonderful with some added ingredients and fresh vegetables.

Add some fresh tomatoes (pureed in your blender or Vitamix) and a dash or two of cayenne and chipotle then mix in some black beans for a great dip with celery sticks and carrots.