It Will Always Be Tough, But I Will Always Get Through It

Today is not just any day. Today marks the anniversary of the death of my son, Hayes. While I like to think that each passing day makes it easier, it doesn’t. Yes, I get stronger with each passing day, but the pain of his absence in my life is stronger than ever.

I cry when I need to, but it is less often now. Why? Again, not because the pain is any less, but because I am stronger. I have worked so hard to overcome the past demons that tried to make me think I did not deserve happiness and freedom in my life.

I hit a point in my life when these thoughts were unbearable and the path to that point was very scary at times. Recent sadness enveloped our media with the passing of Kate Spade and Anthony Bordain and while many of you have no idea how or why anyone would consider suicide, you need to know that it is very common. Sad, so very sad, but so very true.

I share this because in those dark times in my life, I had alot of fear. The fear was about how to control such dark thoughts. I finally CHOSE to stop believing that I was not worthy of love, joy, happiness and freedom. There are numerous reasons why we have difficulty in our lives and while mine stemmed from the heaviness of losing my 4 1/2 month old son, (followed by a lot more), ALL REASONS are important. Your reasons are important too.

But, you must know that if I can pull out of tough times, so can you! I refused to believe the negative. How did I escape it? I CHOSE to think positively each and every day; each and every moment possible. I worked at it. I did not give up.

That is why I wrote my book, 8 Ways Of Being– How To Motivate Yourself To Live Happy And Free Every Day. I want to live happy and free every single day! Yep– there are days when it is harder than others and I will never be perfect, but because of my long-time practice and decision to live a positive lifestyle, I am able to use my resilience to pull myself out of those moments that can drive anyone to hold onto alot of doubt and negativity. That is my perfect– using those moments to practice being better since “not trying is not an option.”

If you want to check out my book, please do. If you know anyone that is struggling to live with a positive mindset, get the book for them. It is a quick read filled with exercises at the end of each chapter and a space for journaling. Whether you choose this book or something else, like calling a friend or family member, just start right now. TODAY. IN THIS VERY MOMENT. CHOOSE LOVE, KINDNESS AND POSITIVE THINKING AS A WAY OF LIFE.