Finding Your Flow: How Transition (And Disruption) Can Make You Better

Typically, transition is not where we like to hang out. It is that place of feeling lack of trust, weakness and confusion. Transition is uncomfortable. We are forced to make decisions that affect our lives or those around us.

Have you ever noticed how you just want to know the answer? I have often had the conversation with myself, but it is then that I know there is something much bigger. And it is that bigger thing that I must embrace, no matter how uncomfortable it is, in order to find the next step.

I am the type that likes to be productive at all times. It is a challenge for me to relax and do nothing. My brain is in go mode always thinking about what can I do to make a difference, to help others, to be a better person in this world; I simply struggle to stop thinking about this. So, when a transition comes into my life, I struggle more because it often takes away from my motivational thinking. It disrupts that flow.

How do you deal with disruption?

You grab it and you work with it! A disruption likely means that a change NEEDS TO HAPPEN. We don’t always know why, or do we? A disruption in our flow of life may really mean that it is TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE. A disruption is often needed to wake us up so that we make that change.

I am working through a transition now and suddenly, through perseverance (I don’t give up easily and in fact never give up, but rather may alter my focus), a beautiful moment presented itself. It wasn’t anything more than a moment of clarity– no, I don’t suddenly have all the answers, but I now see a path. This path (one of many) is one that I have seen for some time, actually, but I was struggling to jump onto it with the boldness and guts needed to make it effective. The feeling I have is stronger and more beautiful than ever.

What path do you see?

If there is a path that keeps nagging at you, it is likely one of importance. We waste a lot of time not listening, yet sometimes it is a little time that we need in order to hear better. Be bold and take the path. The steps can be small and you can always alter the path. That’s ok. A lot of little steps will make up one big one.

Much love,