Eat Clean To Help With Recovery (Whether From Sickness or Workouts)

For those athletes out there or even regular exercisers, the way we eat can affect how quickly your muscles recover. It can also help prevent the onset of illnesses. The way I like to think about it is this: if I give my body junk, it is spending time trying to deal with that issue (what do I do with this junk in my body) instead of dealing with repairing the tissues that I have overworked. That means that it will take longer to recover. But, if I give my body REAL FOOD (instead of junk or chemical laden foods) my body will use that as a resource to aid in a faster recovery.

If you are not a regular exerciser but seem to be getting sick a lot or have come down with the flu. This goes for you too. The better you take care of your body, the faster it will recover. Clean eating simply means eating REAL FOOD, WHOLE FOOD and UNPROCESSED FOOD.

Triathlete Magazine shared an article this morning about some specific foods you can incorporate. While I recommend steering clear of a lot of breads and dairy, most of these recommendations are great. Check it out.