Blueberries and Chia Oatmeal



















A few have asked what is in this delicious breakfast (or snack) to include the brands I am using. My favorite chia is Gaia Ground Chia Seeds (2 heaping tablespoons). The hemp seeds are from Manitoba Harvest. I try to get organic frozen blueberries. Instead of hemp, you can use a a serving of vanilla protein. Vega has a good one out there.

Add water, almond milk, or coconut water and stir. Give it a few minutes to set. For more sweetness, use stevia or add banana. A little cinnamon is yummy too. And a favorite addition of mine is coconut oil (a good fat for you)! There are lots of brands and I will repost with cheaper options (Amazon is a great way to shop). Served warm or cold, it is delicious.


  1. Allison McGuire says:

    would love to learn more about eating healthy while not breaking the bank Kyra! So happy for you to be in Cali and doing so well! We miss you in VA though!
    Allison McGuire

    • admin says:

      Hi Allison! Thanks for the suggestion. I am working on this as I know it is something we can all use some practice with. There are ways! I have been scouring them all and will share! Miss you and hope to visit soon.

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