Kyra Oliver
Founder, Your Own Utopia

Hi! I am here because I am a wellness educator and enthusiast combining fitness, food and natural remedies to create a lifestyle that feels good. I have that fire in my belly to help others. I do some of my own crazy, fun things in my spare time such as training for Ironman races as a triathlete, ultra races as a runner and leading fitness classes; but kids (babies) are a big deal to me. That makes me a philanthropist having founded the Hayes Foundation, an organization supporting the research and awareness of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). 

I am a successful creative branding and marketing professional, entrepreneur (I have an awesome food product I can’t wait to share with you), coach, certified fitness instructor, inventive cook and public speaker.

It is my dream to help others by sharing what I have learned- ultimately how to take care of myself through fitness, food and natural remedies. I am self-taught and want you to enjoy the benefits of this good health—it is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle that feels good.

Let’s create your y.o.u. (your own utopia)!